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Complete Title: Zoetrope
Synopsis: ZOETROPE is a movie, based on motion - all kinds of motion - physical, social and emotional. Two robots - Primus and Decimus have to go through a labyrinth that is full of extraordinary objects. To find the right way or sometimes just to satisfy their curiosity, they examine and recover the stories of the objects. Thus they face strange characters, pursuing their aims. Sometimes the pursuing is impetuous; sometimes it is painful and desperate. The robots gradually realize that their efforts are accompanied by some kind of hopelessness. Far from useless philosophical conclusions, the movie shows this side of life, in which hope almost leaves; but still, the characters keep moving, actuated by obstinacy, foolishness, or just by the lack of other ideas. The robots, under extraordinary conditions, have to take decisions that they have not been programmed for. Especially when they meet The Minotaur (if there's a labyrinth, there should be a Minotaur, as well). Sham progress and useless moving forward, along with hopeless efforts to accomplish aims of questionable value - all these bring a hint of antique tragedy to the characters' look; but can barely hide their comic essence.
Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Video Release Date: Oct 8, 2018
Cast: Yavor Gigov, Roumen Gavanozov
Director: Sotir Gelev
Genre: Childrens
Studio: Music Video Distributors
Original Release: 2018
Animated: Animated
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