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Who's Out There

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Complete Title: Who's Out There
Synopsis: The legendary Orson Welles hosts this fascinating documentary about the possibility of extraterrestrial life! Whos Out There begins with the trailblazing filmmaker reminiscing about his infamous War of the Worlds panic broadcast of 1938, as well as reading passages from H.G. Wellss original novel about an invasion from Mars. Interspersed with Welless memories are interviews with people who believed the radio show was real (including one man who packed up his car and headed for the hills -- without his wife and kids!) Orson then takes us on a journey from science fiction to science fact as we learn that there really could be life on other planets, though not necessarily with tentacles and death rays. At a symposium at Boston University, luminaries such as Carl Sagan and Ashley Montagu discuss the implications of a possible first contact between Earth and an alien world (footage from this conference was later used in a famous episode of The X-Files.) The scenes in Orsons study were shot by his personal cinematographer, Gary Graver (F For Fake, The Other Side of the Wind). Welles only agreed to make Whos Out There for the government after then-President Richard M. Nixon had the IRS audit his taxes. Nixon still probably wasnt thrilled with Orsons satirical 1969 record, The Begatting of the President. Whos Out There is unique for being one of the few times Welles ever discussed the War of the Worlds controversy extensively on camera.
Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Video Release Date: May 18, 2017
Genre: Documentary
Studio: Alpha Home Entertainment/Gotham
Original Release: 2017
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