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War of the Worlds: The Complete Series

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UPC: 032429297662
Product Condition: New
Formats: DVD
Complete Title: War of the Worlds: The Complete Series
Synopsis: In 1953, the war began: Martian invaders, bent on the conquest of Earth, destroy human civilization and leave death and panic in their wake. If not for our planet's tiniest bacteria, they would have wiped human existence from the Earth. Captured and quarantined, the aliens' threats are all but forgotten; their insidious plans lay dormant for decades. But now, freed from captivity, revived and resuscitated, they vow not to repeat their mistakes. And if not for a small band of human resistance fighters, they may yet get the chance to finish what they started... Here, for the first time on DVD, War of the Worlds: The Complete First Seasoncontinues the story of alien attack, human defiance, and interplanetary war in this six-disc box set. Let the battle begin.
Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Video Release Date: Feb 5, 2018
Genre: TV Series
Studio: Paramount
Original Release: 2010
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