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The Pagan King

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Complete Title: The Pagan King
Synopsis: In the 13th century, the lands along the shores of the Baltic Sea are pagan. The most powerful is the land of Semigallia, where even the Vikings fear to tread. Semigallia is a rich trading nation, and that has not gone unnoticed in Rome, where the Pope's illegitimate son, Max, tells his father that in exchange for some good ships and some very bad men, he will wage a crusade against the pagans and become ruler. Max arrives in Semigallia amid celebrations, but the mood changes very quickly when it is found that the King and his young son have been poisoned. On his deathbed, the King appoints an unexpected successor upon whom he bestows the authority to rule with the transfer of the Ring of Kings. Hardly an adult, but very much a natural strategist, Namejs quickly finds his strength as leader tested as Max launches his crusade. But what Namejs lacks in experience, he makes up for in courage. As he unites his people behind him and leads them into a series of battles, he forges his legend and ensures that he and his people become an enduring symbol of freedom.
Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Video Release Date: Oct 22, 2018
Cast: Edvin Endre, James Bloor, Aiste Dirziute
Director: Aigars Grauba
Genre: Action
Studio: Lionsgate
Original Release: 2018
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