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Stargate: The Ark of Truth

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Complete Title:Stargate: The Ark of Truth
Synopsis:Blasting off where the Sci-Fi Channel''s longest running show, Stargate SG-1, left off, this thrilling feature thrusts the Stargate team - Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Vala (Claudia Black), Teal''c (Christopher Judge), Sam (Amanda Tapping) and Cam (Ben Browder) - into their biggest challenge yet. In search of an Ancient artifact they hope can defeat the oppressive Ori, the team not only learns that the Ori are set to launch a final assault on Earth, but a double-crossing I.O. operative is aboard the Odyssey! Also starring Beau Bridges, this pulse-pounder is loaded with enough suspense, humor and action to fill a galaxy!
Rating:Not Rated
Box Office:0
Video Release Date:Sep 22, 2014
Genre:Adventure, Science Fiction
Original Release:2008
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