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Alternate Title: Firefly Movie
Complete Title: Serenity
Synopsis: The films centers around Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a hardened veteran (on the losing side) of a galactic civil war, who now ekes out a living pulling off small crimes and transport-for-hire abroad his ship, Serenity. He leads a small, eclectic crew who are the closest thing he has left to family-squabbling, insubordinate and undyingly loyal. When Mal takes on two new passengers
Color: Color
Rating: PG-13
CARA Explanation: sequences of intense violence and action, and some sexual references
Box Office: 25.3
Theatrical Release Date: Sep 29, 2005
Video Release Date: Dec 19, 2005
Cast: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Summer Glau, Ron Glass, Chiwetel Ejiofor
Director: Joss Whedon
Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction
Studio: Universal
Original Release: 2005
Animated: Live-Action
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