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Saving Winston

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UPC: 893261001462
Product Condition: Used
Formats: DVD
Complete Title: Saving Winston
Synopsis: Saving Winston is a faith-based family drama about a troubled teen who finds redemption through her faith in God and the rehabilitation of a rescued horse. Ashley (Victoria Emmons, Come What May), a drug abusing teen, is arrested in a botched robbery attempt and forced into six months of institutionalized rehab. Upon her release, she goes to live with her aunt, a horse trainer, and tries to rekindle her memories from her lost youth of becoming a champion rider. While adjusting to her new surroundings, Ashley stumbles upon an extremely malnourished horse named Winston abandoned and forgotten behind a neighbor's dilapidated house. Together they rehabilitate the poor unfortunate animal and as the horse's health improves, so does Ashley's state of mind. Forced to leave a self-destructive lifestyle and following her aunt's example, Ashley's newfound love of God and a rescue horse help her to find salvation. With stunning visuals, breakthrough performances, and a beautiful soundtrack, Saving Winston is a heartfelt story about a lost soul seeking God's grace. Awarded Dove Foundations "Family Seal of Approval" and recommended for all ages.
Color: Color
Box Office: 0
Runtime: 86
Video Release Date: Aug 13, 2012
Cast: Victoria Emmons, Meghan McCabe-Habrat, Austin Kearney, Miley Stockton, Alison Kotila, Kail Harbick, Mike Hawkins
Director: Shane Hawks
Original Release: 2011
Animated: Live-Action
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