January 5

  1. Image product for: The Outpost: Season 1
    The Outpost: Season 1 (Not Rated)
    The Outpost tells the story of Talon, the lone survivor of the "Blackbloods," as she tracks the men who killer her family to a lawless border town. Talon must awaken powers lying dormant in her dark blood and make true friends at the Outpost to lead a rebellion against the regime.

  2. Image product for: From the Depths
    From the Depths (Not Rated)
    After surviving a shark attack a young woman is plagued by nightmares of being stalked in the dark sea by a ravenous predator, and hallucinations of visits from her sister and boyfriend, both who were killed in the attack.

  3. Image product for: Recon
    Recon (Not Rated)
    Four American soldiers set out on the grueling ascent of an Italian mountainside in the closing days of World War II. Haunted by their evil sergeant's cold-blooded murder of a young woman and with only an old Italian man of uncertain loyalties as their guide.

January 12

  1. Image product for: Jungleland
    Jungleland (R)
    Stan (Charlie Hunnam) and Lion (Jack O'Connell) are two brothers struggling to stay relevant in the underground world of bare-knuckle boxing. When Stan fails to pay back a dangerous crime boss (Jonathon Majors), they're forced to deliver an unexpected traveler as they journey across the country for a high-stakes fighting tournament. While Stan trains Lion for the fight of his life, a series of events threaten to tear the brothers apart but their love for one another and belief in a better life keep them going in this gripping drama that proves family pulls no punches.

  2. Image product for: Spell
    Spell (R)
    While flying to his father's funeral in rural Appalachia, an intense storm causes Marquis (Omari Hardwick) to lose control of the plane carrying him and his family. He awakens wounded, alone and trapped in Ms. Eloise's (Loretta Devine) attic, who claims she can nurse him back to health with the Boogity, a Hoodoo figure she has made from his blood and skin. Unable to call for help, Marquis desperately tries to outwit and break free from her dark magic and save his family from a sinister ritual before the rise of the blood moon.

  3. Image product for: Twilight Zone: Season 2
    Twilight Zone: Season 2 (Not Rated)
    Executive producers Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg's modern re-imagining of the classic TV series continues the legacy of socially conscious storytelling. The series' second season uses introspection and self-exploration to usher viewers into a dimension filled with endless possibilities.

  4. Image product for: Bright Hill Road
    Bright Hill Road (Not Rated)
    In the aftermath of a violent tragedy, a young woman is forced to face her demons at an unusual boarding house. As she loses touch with reality, she comes face to face with the misdeeds of her sordid past.

January 19

  1. Image product for: Dreamland
    Dreamland (R)
    Academy Award(R) nominee Margot Robbie (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) "is fantastic" (Indiewire) in this "dazzling" (Hollywood Reporter) love story set amidst America's struggle during the Great Depression. Eugene Evans (Finn Cole, "Peaky Blinders") dreams of escaping his small Texas town when he discovers a wounded, fugitive bank robber Allison Wells (Robbie) hiding closer than he could ever imagine. Torn between claiming the bounty for her capture and his growing attraction to the seductive criminal, nothing is as it seems, and Eugene must make a decision that will forever affect the lives of everyone he's ever loved. Travis Fimmel (Warcraft), Kerry Condon (Avengers: Infinity War), Darby Camp (Big Little Lies) and Lola Kirke (American Made) also star in this "beautifully shot coming-of-age story" (Indiewire).

  2. Image product for: Dead Reckoning
    Dead Reckoning (Not Rated)
    Tillie Gardner's summer romance with local cab driver Niko before starting college is helping her cope with the tragic death of her parents in a private plane crash a few weeks earlier. Too bad she doesn't know yet he is the brother of the terrorist who actually sabotaged the plane, and who is also involved with a plot to bomb the annual Fourth of July beach celebration on Nantucket Island. Can she gather herself and her wits together and discover his dark secret in time and prevent a terrible massacre?

  3. Image product for: The Kid Detective
    The Kid Detective (R)
    A once-celebrated kid detective, now 31, continues to solve the same trivial mysteries between hangovers and bout of self-pity. Until a naive client brings him his first 'adult' case - to find out who brutally murdered her boyfriend.

  4. Image product for: Always and Forever
    Always and Forever (PG-13)
    ALWAYS AND FOREVER centers on the life of Nicole Taylor, a successful criminal prosecutor with both beauty and brains. Nicole has everything going right - until it all goes wrong. When Nicole's childhood friends begin to die under mysterious circumstances, she becomes convinced their deaths are tied to dark secrets from her past.

  5. Image product for: Army of One
    Army of One (Not Rated)
    Out hiking, Special Forces Brenner Baker stumbles onto a Cartel's compound. Her husband's killed and she's left for dead. The Cartel made two mistakes, killed her husband and left her alive. They won't live to make another.

  6. Image product for: Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks
    Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks (Not Rated)
    In 2420, after aliens and powerful space wizards have enslaved human villages, a group of resistance fighters organize a counterattack against their alien overlords and launch an armada of spacecraft in a battle for supremacy in space.

  7. Image product for: The Village in the Woods
    The Village in the Woods (Not Rated)
    Every village, every person, has a secret...none more so than the inhabitants of this isolated, murky village whose fate relies on the luring of two unsuspecting pawns to satisfy their appetite and determine their being.

  8. Image product for: Paw Patrol: Rubble on the Double
    Paw Patrol: Rubble on the Double (Not Rated)
    Get ready to raise the woof with Rubble and the rest of the PAW Patrol in these 9 construction missions! Whether they?re saving animals, superheroes or even a rock-and-roll show, the pups can always build a plan to save the day! CAN YOU DIG IT?

January 26

  1. Image product for: The Outpost: Season 2
    The Outpost: Season 2 (Not Rated)
    The Outpost tells the story of Talon, the lone survivor of the "Blackbloods," as she tracks the men who killer her family to a lawless border town. Talon must awaken powers lying dormant in her dark blood and make true friends at the Outpost to lead a rebellion against the regime.

  2. Image product for: Snowpiercer: Complete 1st Season
    Snowpiercer: Complete 1st Season (Not Rated)
    Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity who inhabit a perpetually moving train, with 1001 cars, that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out in this riveting television adaptation based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel series and film of the same name.

  3. Image product for: Kill Cavalry
    Kill Cavalry (Not Rated)
    U.S. General Hudson "Kill Cavalry" Kilpatrick, is on a mission to eliminate C.S. General Joseph Wheeler. He devises a plan to take over the small town of Barnwell, S.C., hoping to draw Wheeler out, but Wheeler is already one step ahead.

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