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Naked Weapon

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Complete Title:Naked Weapon
Synopsis:Like a contagious virus, pretty and athletic girls in their teens start disappearing around the globe one after another. The mastermind behind these abductions is Madame M (Wong), who plans to train these girls into professional killers. After several years of gruesome training, only Charlene (Maggie Q), Katt (Anya), and Jill (Jewel Lee) survive and become the world's most sought after professional killers. On a recent mission to assassinate someone in Hong Kong, however, Charlene is shocked to see her long-lost mother and as a result she comed face to face with CIA agent Jack (Wu), who vows to help her reclaim her past by eliminating Madame M.
CARA Explanation:violence, some sexuality and drug use
Box Office:0
Video Release Date:Feb 23, 2004
Cast:Maggie Q, Anya, Jewel Lee, Daniel Wu, Almen Wong
Director:Tony Ching Siu Tung
Studio:Virgil Films and Entertainment
Original Release:2002
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