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Mirage Men

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Complete Title: Mirage Men
Synopsis: Mirage Men takes you on a journey through the badlands and backwaters of America. Mark Pilkington and John Lundberg, based on their bestselling book, uncover a 60 year-old story stranger than any conspiracy thriller. For over sixty years teams within the US Air Force and US intelligence services exploited and manipulated beliefs about UFO''s and extraterrestrial visits as part of their counterintelligence programs. In doing so they spawned a mythology so powerful that it captivated and warped many brilliant minds, including several of their own. Now, for the first time, some of those behind these operations, and their victims, speak out, revealing a true story that is part Manchurian Candidate and part Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Runtime: 85
Theatrical Release Date: Mar 26, 2014
Video Release Date: Jun 2, 2014
Director: John Lundberg
Genre: Documentary
Studio: Gaiam Vivendi
Original Release: 2014
Animated: Live-Action
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