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Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus

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Synopsis: Sporting high resolution graphics in 480P, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus marks the return of over 20 beloved characters from the Guilty Gear franchise, including Kliff and Justice! Fans of the series will be pleased to not only find all their characters available right off the bat, but will finally be able to uncover the rich stories of each character for the first time! Features 2 COMBATANTS RETURN TO THE BATTLE! Accent Core Plus marks the return of fan favorites Kliff Undersn and Justice, rounding out the cast of 25 playable characters. ALL NEW STORY MODE CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR GGXXACP! Discover the back story to all of your favorite characters in the Guilty Gear mythos, with fully-voiced dialogue. FIGHT TO SURVIVE! Level up your character's abilities and traits in the re-tuned Survival Mode. TEAM BATTLE ROYALE! Create a three-man team in Versus Mode to find out which characters are the ultimate Guilty Gear team-up.
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