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Grave Robbers - + DVD

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Formats: BLU-RAY
Complete Title: Grave Robbers
Synopsis: Nora Mae Edwards had always dreamed that a handsome and wealthy man would offer to marry her, but she never expected to find love while working the night shift at a sleazy diner. However, when John Henry Cox proposes to her within moments of their meeting, Nora can't help but say yes. Whisked off to John's hometown of Newbury to live in his family's mansion, Nora discovers that her new husband's profession is that of an undertaker and that the local death toll is disproportionately high. As the joys of marital bliss soon give way to increasingly violent nightmares, she begins to suspect that her seemingly gentle husband may be harboring a dark secret, especially when she learns that she's far from the first 'Mrs. Cox,' but even more terrifyingly, that while her husband desires her body, he'd prefer it cold and dead...

A darkly humorous and vaguely supernatural story of necrophilia, GRAVE ROBBERS is a gruesome black comedy about the meaning of love and lust after death. Written and directed by Straw Weisman (FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE), and the final producing effort from exploitation film tsar, Lew Mishkin, Vinegar Syndrome brings this direct-to-video rarity to Blu-ray, newly restored from its camera negative and fully uncut.

Rating: R
Box Office: 0
Runtime: 93
Video Release Date: Jun 25, 2018
Cast: Elizabeth Mannino, David Gregory, Lawrence Bockius, Judith Mayes, Adam Wahl, Kelvin Keraga
Director: Straw Weisman
Genre: Horror
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
Original Release: 1988
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