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Galaxy Racers

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Rating: E
Synopsis: Save the Universe by stirring up trouble! You have just discovered a dark and mysterious force with a sinister plan wreak havoc on the universe. You are the only one who can take control in this addictive space racing adventure to save the universe. Race to the finish against weird and wacky characters throughout the galaxies. Fly your spaceship from planet to planet while avoiding asteroids, then compete against hilarious aliens and bizarre humans on outerspace missions that are out of this world! Use every method at your disposal to distract, misdirect, and delay your outlandish rivals so you can beat them to the finish line and save the universe from chaos! Immerse Yourself Unique Missions: From Planet Earth to Planet Sirius, use all of your tricks and cunning to confuse, baffle, and beat strange villains to the finish Solve Puzzles in Space: Collect clues, solve riddles and show your smarts in fun mini-games Fly From Planet to Planet: Avoid asteroids as you fly your spaceship to your next mission Thwart Your Evil Opponents: Use tornadoes, rainstorms, u-turns, breakdowns, and invisibility to beat your opponents Choose Your Own Character: Choose your own outrageous and mischievous character and unlock new characters as you play
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