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Frontline: Subprime Education

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Complete Title: Frontline: Subprime Education
Synopsis: Correspondent Martin Smith returns to the story of for-profit colleges to investigate allegations of fraud and predatory behavior in the troubled industry. The colleges say they're expanding access to education and preparing students for success, but Smith finds that in many cases, they're just collecting money and leaving students in debt, without degrees, and unprepared to face the job market. "In an effort to get students in the door, and federal student loan money flowing their way, many for-profit colleges have acted like banks did during the subprime mortgage bubble: signing up virtually anyone, including homeless people and drug addicts," says Smith. Drawing on interviews with regulators, executives, and former students, the film examines the collapse of the for-profit Corinthian Colleges chain, one of the largest college shutdowns in history. With over 1.8 million students enrolled in for-profit schools across the country, A Subprime Education is a must-watch look inside a sector that's in the hot seat. THE EDUCATION OF OMARINA FRONTLINE has been following the story of Omarina Cabrera since 2012--showing how an innovative program to stem the high school dropout crisis has affected her journey, from a public middle school in the Bronx to an elite New England private school, and now on to college.
Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Runtime: 60
Video Release Date: Dec 5, 2016
Genre: Documentary
Studio: PBS
Original Release: 2016
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