Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member at Family Video?

It’s free and easy to have a rental account with any Family Video. All you need is a driver’s license or state ID and a phone number that we verify is yours. Signup only takes a few minutes in the store.

Is my Family Video account good at more than one Family Video store?

You are welcome to apply for a membership at multiple stores, but each store functions independently of all other Family Videos. That means each store account you have is valid only at that particular Family Video, and videos should be returned to the same store of rental.

When is Family Video open?

Most Family Videos are open 10 AM until midnight every day, though Christmas Day we are open from noon until midnight. Hours may vary by location; Please use our store locator for details.

How can I find out if a movie is available at Family Video?

To inquire if Family Video carries a specific title, please call your local store. Find your closest store by using our store locator. If you would like to buy a title to own, you may order online at or ask any customer service representative at any Family Video to place an order in-store.

I want to find out when my rentals are due back. Can I access my Family Video rental account online?

At this time we do not have the ability to allow customers to access rental account information online. It is best to call or visit the store you like to shop at to ask about account information (title availability, extended rental charges, due dates, and so on). Go to and select "Find a store" for a listing of store addresses and phone numbers. Rentals are due anytime before store closing (midnight for most stores; call your local store for details) on the rental's due date.

Can I reserve a movie at my local Family Video?

If you call your local Family Video and we have a rental item in stock you would like to reserve, we will reserve it at the counter in your name for up to 1/2 hour to give you an opportunity to pick it up.

May children under age 17 rent R-rated films or M-rated games?

Only with parental consent may children rent R-rated movies or M-rated games. Please let a customer representative know if you would like to restrict rentals on your account -- We will not rent R-rated movies or M-rated games to those 17 or under without parental consent noted on the account.

What is the “Half-Off Card?”

It's our Discount Movie Rental Card which entitles you to half-price rentals for 30 days. It takes effect the day you buy it (You can start saving in the same visit ASAP!). Discount Cards are available for purchase at all Family Videos. Despite its name, you do not receive a physical card, rather it's applied to your account (and any other connected family members) through our computer system. See your local Family Video to inquire about purchasing a Discount Card.

Are gift cards good at all stores?

Yes, if you purchase a gift card from a Family Video store or, it is good at any of our locations or online.

I noticed a new store under construction in my community. When will it be open?

Most Family Video stores are open within 90 days from ground break. Once you see the roof going up, it’s usually about 4 weeks from opening.

I saw a “For Lease” sign at a Family Video building. How do I inquire?

You may call 847-904-9200 to inquire about lease spaces on Family Video property.

Who can I communicate with about advertising at Family Video?

Email our Marketing Department at for more information on Family Video advertising.

How can I solicit my film to be carried by Family Video?

If you or your company would like us to consider merchandising your film for sale and/or rent at Family Video, please send the following items to:

Family Video

c/o Screeners

2500 Lehigh Ave.

Glenview, IL 60026

1. Company or personal information including name, address, telephone number(s), etc.

2. Screening copy of your film for us to review. (Film will NOT be returned).

3. Brief synopsis of the film.

4. Pricing and availability information.

Does Family Video offer franchise opportunities?

Though we appreciate the interest, as a privately-owned company Family Video does not offer franchise opportunities at this time.

How can Family Video support my cause?

Family Video is committed to taking an active role in the communities we call home. Please contact your local store's manager to submit a request for Family Video to support your cause.

I did not find the answer to my question. How do I contact Family Video Corporate Headquarters?

To contact Family Video Corporate Headquarters regarding Family Video stores or Family Online, click here.