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Edge Joystick For Classic NES/Wii U

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Synopsis: The Edge Joystick is upgraded and 100% Compatible with NES Classic Edition and Wii U. The Edge Joystick's exclusive programming allows rapid fire on both A and B buttons. This is a necessity in classic shoot-em-ups and button masher games. The Edge Joystick also has an exclusive B+A Button, that executes the B+A combo with the press of a single button. The Edge Joystick has a Slow Motion Button to give you lightning quick reflexes to beat the tough boss levels. Giving you the passwords for Unlimited Lives, Unlimited Weapons, Level Select and more. Classic games are difficult, get the EDGE and get your game on! - Exclusive Slow Motion Button and B+A Button ! Slow Motion lets you win those tough boss fights. One button pushes both B+A simultaneously. - 100% Compatible with NES Classic Edition and Wii U - 9 Foot Cable! Play from your sofa. No extension cord needed! - Official Sanwa arcade Joystick and Sanwa Microswitch buttons! - Exclusive Turbo Button! C'mon dude! Rapid fire is necessary in all the classic games.
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