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Death Note: Light Up The New World Movie Three

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Complete Title: Death Note: Light Up The New World Movie Three
Synopsis: Death Note: Light up the New World Movie 3 contains the live action movie which is an original Japanese sequel script and is faithful to the Death Note anime.

Ten years ago, a man named Light Yagami shook the world to its core. Taking the pseudonym Kira, he worked towards creating a new world by using the Death Note to kill those who didn't belong. But he was stopped--or so everyone thought. Now, delighted by the reign of Kira, the God of Death orders his reapers to find a replacement. Six Death Notes are placed on Earth and picked up--who among them is worthy of becoming the new Kira?

With the help of world-renowned detective L's successor, the police work tirelessly to fight the new killers and contain the rampant Death Notes. One trail leads them to a cyberterrorist who claims Kira is God, while another leads them to a familiar face. But in the end, they'll find that the light of justice won't die easily and one among them holds the true key to Kira's plan.

Color: Color
Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Runtime: 300
Genre: Adventure
Studio: Funimation
Original Release: 2019
Animated: Animated
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