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Crazy Girls Undercover

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Complete Title: Crazy Girls Undercover
Synopsis: Upon discovering the terrorist who murdered his family is building a massive bomb, Las Vegas gentlemen's club owner and former CIA agent Damon Archer enlists his glamorous showgirls to help stop the madman. Now the undercover beauties must use all their skills to defy the odds and stop the madness. Get ready for a crazy thrill ride that pumps out one unexpected plot twist after another.
Color: Color
Rating: R
CARA Explanation: nudity, some strong sexuality, violence and brief language
Box Office: 0
Video Release Date: May 25, 2009
Cast: Nikki Ziering, Clive Robertson, Simona Fusco, Valentina Smirnova, Nicole Zeoli, Eliset Lobato, Terese Chafe, Rayma Alfred, Jay Giannone, Anita Motz
Director: Chris Langman
Genre: Action
Studio: Monarch Entertainment
Original Release: 2009
Animated: Live-Action
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