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Corbin Nash

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Complete Title: Corbin Nash
Synopsis: Set In the bloodthirsty city of Los Angeles, one rogue detective's obsessive search for the truth behind is parents murder leads him to confront a MONSTROUS DUO who drag him into a Hellish nightmare he was never prepared for.

Lost to an underworld of horrors dating back to the dawn of time, he's forced to acknowledge a foreboding destiny. Upon discovering he's the last surviving member of the Nash family, a historic clan of demon hunters, he's brutally left for dead, only to be saved by MACY, a pure soul who is led by the mysterious BLIND PROPHET. In a bizarre twist of fate, through death, he's reborn the ultimate killer.

Seeking vengeance against all led by the arcane DRAKE who destroyed his kin, he wages a violent war on the Beasts that roam the darkness of this world, finally embracing his true legacy... CORBIN NASH, Demon Hunter.

Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Video Release Date: Jun 18, 2018
Cast: Dean Jagger, Corey Feldman, Richard Wagner, Fernanda Romero, Chris Pardal
Director: Ben Jagger
Genre: Action, Suspense
Studio: Gravitas Ventures
Original Release: 2018
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