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Babes with Blades

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Complete Title: Babes with Blades
Synopsis: This steampunk style female-led action film is set on the dark streets of Draiga, a mining colony occupied by the Visray Empire. Azura is the last of the Sarnians, who were once a fearsome warrior race. Her homeworld, once a beautiful haven, is now a lifeless husk after the Visray Empire destroyed it when she was a child and captured her and her friend Tallarin. Azura manages to escape and survives to adulthood on the streets of the human colony on Draiga. Sef, the boss of the notorious slave ring, finally captures her and makes her fight in death matches in the Gladiatorial ring... Meanwhile, a group of human freedom fighters form a resistance to the occupying Visray and seek to try and protect their families from the oppressive and cruel rule of the Visray Section Commander Sorrentine. The fate of the humans on Draiga becomes entwined with that Azura, the last Sarnian.
Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Video Release Date: Jan 1, 2018
Genre: Action
Studio: Breaking Glass Pictures
Original Release: 2018
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