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Away Shuffle Dungeon

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Rating: E10+
Synopsis: For over 100 years the people of Webb village have been mysteriously disappearing one by one. Two years ago, a young man named Sword came to the village looking to settle down. Noticing the lack of people and occasional disappearances, he grew curious about their cause. He also befriended Anella, a kind girl who loves hearing stories of Sword's past. Suddenly, the mysterious "unknown" came and took all of the remaining villagers except for Sword because the brave Anella sacrificed herself to save him. As Sword, you must right this wrong and save as many missing villagers as you can. Overview With an unknown evil spiriting away all of the village's people, Sword must bring them home safely and unravel the mystery of AWAY. Use various items to reveal entrances to unknown dungeons where the villagers are being held. Rescue them and repopulate the town by using your new friends to assist you in your quest. Features Includes creative contributions from renowned industry visionaries: RPG creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, character designer Naoto Oshima and composer Nobuo Uematsu Timed Shuffle Dungeon mechanic puts pressure on you to choose what is worth taking or leaving before the dungeon reconfigures and damages you and any accompanying survivors. Collect Fupongs in the Dungeons to harness their unique magic: Fire Fupong has a Flare spell; Ice Fupong has a Frosty spell; and Lightning Fupong has a Rumbly spell. Store up to 6 Fupongs to use in battle and store even more with the Fupong Pod! Travel between the 2D Shuffle Dungeons and the 3D Webb Village Return villagers to their homes and shops so they can assist you in your adventure Collect gold from treasure chests and use them to shop in specialty stores: General Store: A little pricey, but stocks everything. The first store you can reopen. Weapon Store: Buy/Sell basic weapons that can be brought to the Blacksmith for upgrades. Armor Store: Buy/Sell basic armor that can be brought to the Blacksmith for upgrades. Blacksmith: Bring your weapons and armor in for upgrades. Doctor: Buy various potions and remedies to help you on your adventure. Restaurant: Stop in and buy food to replenish some of your health. Fortune Teller: Drop in for some hints to help you find your way. Find musical instruments and other items that allow you to enter the Shuffle Dungeons and save the missing villagers. Voice Over cinematics bring the characters to life in this intense mystery Play cooperatively with a friend to defeat multiple bosses in 2 player Raid Battle Mode. Includes special multiplayer only weapons and armor that can then be used in single player mode.
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