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Alone Wolf

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Complete Title: Alone Wolf
Synopsis: Jonathan lives sealed in his house. The walls covered in plastic and windows wrapped in paper. He does not suffer from agoraphobia, but a willful rejection of the outside world. His life changes when he meets a girl named Town. She's a young mother whose boyfriend inadvertently kills a man outside Jonathan's house. Town begs Jonathan to let her in for protection, and when his doors open for her, it lets in a society bent on ripping itself a part. Jonathan attempts to cut himself off from the world, but the world manages to draw him closer until he can't help but let it. Its deeper story is about how our environments shape our thinking. There is no single version of "you" or "me". We each believe we have our own personality, but the context of a situation can sometimes drag us so far from those anchors that it's difficult to know who you are. It's the human tendency towards self-delusion and how we all choose our own "truths" to live our lives by.
Color: Color
Rating: Not Rated
Box Office: 0
Runtime: 101
Video Release Date: Jul 6, 2020
Cast: Richard De Klerk, Cara Gee, Paul Schackman, James Aaron Oliver, Lisa Romaine, Steve Lewis, Mason Hafer, Angie Gregory, Emily Muggleton, Shaun Landry
Director: Charles Ehrlinger
Genre: Drama, Suspense
Studio: Gravitas Ventures
Original Release: 2020
Animated: Live-Action
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