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Brittany Hill

Assistant Manager, Union City, TN

I'm Brittany, Assistant Manager at the Union City store, the first Family Video EVER in the great state of Tennessee! I began my career with Family Video in June 2008, while the store was still being set up. Every day on my way home from my previous job I would pass by the site where Family Video was being built and read the "Open Interviews" sign.

Finally one day I decided to give it a shot, and it was the BEST decision I ever made! My very first day of training I was handed the telephone. To my surprise, it was our Regional Manager, Kyle Duane, calling just to welcome me to their family and let me know how excited he was to have me join their team! Everyone was so excited to train and lead me in the right direction. I immediately knew this was going to be a great place for me, because I was not only part of a great company, but a great family!

I soon quit my other job and became full time. Then a couple months later I was offered the Assistant Manager position and gladly accepted. For the first time in my life I can say that I 100% LOVE my job! It's great to be part of a company that sticks to the number one rule of retail... CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! The positivity, enthusiasm and awesome attitudes that our team shows is contagious and what sets us apart. Family Video truly values their employees, as well as their customers. I am SO excited about my future possibilities here! Thank you to all my managers and everyone that's part of this great family! Movie Lovers Love Family Video... and I do, too!!

Anthony Whaley

District Manager, Northern IL

I was fresh out of high school, working at Burger King and looking for a part-time job that was not in the food services and that I could maintain while I attended college. I started with Family Video in 1994 when we opened our 51st store in Park Forest, Illinois. With hard work and determination I eventually worked my way through the ranks, holding all positions available -- part-timer, Key-holder, full-timer, Assistant Manager, Manager Trainee and eventually, Manager of Store 63 in Kankakee, Illinois. After moving to Store 21 in Round Lake, Illinois, I was put in the position to become a District Manager, running my own multi-million dollar business.

Being raised in this FAMILY was the best career move I've made in my life. I don't know any other companies where you are a phone call away from the owner. This company is a prime example of what you can achieve with hard work, determination and a strong work ethic.

Roy Williams

Vice-President & Regional Manager

I started working for our CEO, Charlie Hoogland when I was 16 years old. My first job was sweeping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms. In college, I worked summers and breaks. When I graduated, I went to work as a salesman on the road. I became manager of a branch warehouse and eventually became a Vice President at Midstates Appliance & Supply Co., the parent company of Family Video.

After Family Video was up and running, I eventually became a Vice-President and was concurrently president of a sister company, Midstates Coffee Service. I helped train both Eric and Keith when they graduated college. I eventually left the company at the age of 41 to go into business with a friend of mine. Seven years after that Keith called me about the possibility of coming back to Family Video to help it grow. Obviously, I did come back as a Regional Manager and even earned my Vice-President title back.

I tell this whole story because it illustrates how our company rewards hard work, initiative and talent. Even more important than the rewards of hard work, however, are the personal relationships I have built. I am very close with many people in the company, some who have been here about as long as I have. While nearly twice their age, my District Managers are somewhere between my kids, my friends and my business associates.

So . . . come to Family Video for the opportunity to be paid and promoted based on your own efforts, and you will find that you will stay because of the relationships you form with people who actually care about you as a person.

Rebecca Kluck

Customer Service Representative, Sault Saint Marie, MI

I applied for a position at Family Video in Sault Sainte Marie, MI over a year ago because I needed a flexible job while I attended college at Lake Superior State University. Being a full time college student and holding a job is not an easy task, but shortly after being hired at Family Video, I learned that it was not an impossible task either.

My manager, Heather, has been more than willing to work with my school and testing schedule to make it possible for me to both pursue higher education and make good money at the same time! I loved the fact that everyone was so warm and welcoming and as eager as I was to become a trained and involved Family Video employee.

I plan on staying employed here for the remainder of my college years. Family Video has so many opportunities to stay involved with the community by offering enthusiastic, positive, customer-focused services. It is always exciting to come into work, learn something new and be around such upbeat coworkers!

Cindy Heitman

Store Manager, Keokuk, IA

The opportunity to advance with a rapidly growing company is what caught my eye about Family Video. I started as a full-time employee in June of 2006, and one month later I was offered the chance to go through the Manager-in-Training program. Just 3 months later I was ready to take over and become manager of the store. Even though this is my fourth year with Family Video, I still learn something new every day. In fact, my District and Regional Managers are continuously developing me and challenging me to become the best manager I can be.

It's exciting to run my store as if it were my own business. I strive to make every day fun for my customers and my employees. As you can see, we can dress up in costumes or as characters to promote different movies. I enjoy getting to know our customers and I truly love what I do!