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Girl from the Naked Eye Girl from the Naked Eye (R)
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Starring Sasha Grey, Ron Yuan, Gary Stretch, Dominique Swain, Jason Yee, Samantha Streets

A prostitute's murder sends a syndicate driver on a violent mission of vengeance in this pulpy, comic-book style neo-noir thriller from SHANGHAI KISS director David Ren. Jake's gambling habit left him penniless, broken, and desperate. Determined to get back on his feet, he goes to work as a driver for The Naked Eye - a prostitution ring disguised as a members-only gentleman's club. There he meets Sandy (Samantha Streets), a desperate runaway and kindred soul with big ambitions. Sandy gives Jake's life meaning, and before long things are starting to look up for him. Then, in the blink of an eye, Sandy is gone - the tragic victim of a world without mercy. But David won't let Sandy die in vain. Her killer must pay, even if it means setting the entire underworld ablaze.