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Buy Deca Sports : Wii

DVD | Used | Games | Blu-ray


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Deca Sports : Wii
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Deca Sports : Wii

This product is currently unavailable to ship

Platform: Wii

Description |  Screen Shots |  Special Features

Release Date: 5/13/2008
Category: Sports
Manufacturer: Hudson Soft
UPC: 083717400615

Deca Sports : Wii Description

Expanded Description
Deca Sports aims to expand on Wii Sports' winning formula by providing gamers with ten mini-games designed for use with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Rather than focus entirely on the most popular sports, Hudson Soft also chose to include more obscure activities that lend themselves more naturally to motion-sensitive controls. The mini-games included are Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Badminton, Basketball, Archery, Curling, Snowboard Cross, Figure Skating, Supercross, and Kart Race. Each game can be played solo or in multiplayer mode, and all of the disciplines feature a unique "Deca Challenge" that serves as something of a training mode.

Screen Shots Click images to enlarge

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Special Features
Game Special Features
  • Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to spike volleyballs, shoot arrows, and roll curling stones

  • Try the Deca Challenges to train your skills in all ten sports

  • Multiplayer options available for each sport

    Control Elements

    CONTROLS: USING THE WII REMOTE; A Button = select menu item highlighted with the cursor; B Button = return to previous menu; + Button = access pause menu, cancel settings; MENU CONTROLS; A Button = confirm; B Button = return to previous menu; BADMINTON; CONTROLS; Swing Wii Remote Down = long serve; Swing Wii Remote Up = short serve; Swing Wii Remote Down Slowly = soft hit; Swing Wii Remote Down Quickly = hard hit; Swing Wii Remote = smash (just as shuttle glows in midair); KART RACING; CONTROLS; Hold Wii Remote Sideways And Tilt Left or Right = steering; 2 Button = accelerator; 1 Button or D-Pad = brake; CURLING; CONTROLS; A Button = display house; D-Pad Left or Right = change aim; B Button (Hold) = holding stone; B Button (Hold) + Thrust Wii Remote Forward = adjust throwing power; B Button (Release) = throw stone; Tilt Wii Remote + B Button (Release) = rotate stone; Swing Wii Briskly Left and Right = sweeping; 1 Button = check score; SNOWBOARD CROSS; CONTROLS; Tilt Wii Remote Downward = speed up; Tilt Wii Remote Upward = slow down; Tilt Wii Remote Left or Right = turn; A or B Button (Hold) + Swing Wii Remote = trick; ARCHERY; CONTROLS; B Button (Hold) + Pull Wii Remote Toward Player = draw bow; Point Wii Remote = aim; B Button (Release) = shoot arrow; SUPERCROSS; CONTROLS; Hold Wii Remote Sideways and Tilt Wii Remote Left or Right = steering; 2 Button = accelerate; 1 Button or D-Pad = brake; Tilt Wii Remote Forward or Backward = midair positioning; BEACH VOLLEYBALL; CONTROLS; Swing Wii Remote Up + Swing Wii Remote Down = serve; Swing Wii Remote Up Quickly = jumping serve; Swing Wii Remote Up = receive or set the ball; Swing Wii Remote Down = spike (while in midair); Swing Wii Remote Up = block (when close to the net); FIGURE SKATING; CONTROLS; Control Stick = move; Swing Wii Remote = trick (when skating over element marker); BASKETBALL; CONTROLS; Control Stick = movement; A, B or Z Button = change athlete (defense); A, B or Z Button = pass (offense); Swing Wii Remote Up + Swing Wii Remote Down = shoot (offense); Swing Wii Remote = steal (defense); Swing Wii Remote Up = jump; SOCCER; CONTROLS; Control Stick = movement; A, B or Z Button = change athlete; Swing Wii Remote Slowly = short kick (offense); Swing Wii Remote Quickly = long kick (offense); Swing Wii Remote = centering (offense); Swing Wii Remote = sliding (defense)

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