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Buy Halo 2 : PC

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Halo 2 : PC
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ESRB Rating:
  • Blood and Gore, Language, Violence

Halo 2 : PC

Our Price: $19.95

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Platform: PC Games

Description |  Screen Shots |  Special Features

Release Date: 5/31/2007
Category: Shooter
Manufacturer: Microsoft Game Studios
UPC: 882224444002

Halo 2 : PC Description

Expanded Description
Bungie's critically acclaimed sci-fi shooter makes its PC debut as part of Microsoft's Games for Windows label for Vista-powered machines. Players will suit up as the enigmatic Master Chief in an ongoing war against the alien armada known as the Covenant, who takes the bitter conflict to Earth in a campaign spanning 13 levels. The graphics have been optimized and revamped for PC, and all 21 multiplayer maps from the Xbox game and its expansion are included as well. Exclusive to the computer version is a map editor allowing players to create custom scenarios.

Both competitive and cooperative online action is supported via Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service under a two-tier system. The game ships with a free "silver" package that supports a single profile or Gamertag and a unified friends list shared between PC and Xbox 360 owners. The fee-based "gold" account allows players to host their own dedicated servers, send and receive invitations, earn multiplayer achievements, and use a matchmaking service that groups users with the same skill level. A free 30-day trial membership of Live Gold is included with each copy of Halo 2 on Vista.

Screen Shots Click images to enlarge

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Special Features
Game Special Features
  • Take control of Master Chief and battle hordes or alien adversaries through 13 levels

  • Employ a vast collection of human and alien weapons and vehicles

  • Multiplayer battles in 23 arenas, including 2 exclusive venues

  • Create and share multiplayer maps and custom game modes

    Control Elements

    KEYBOARD CONTROLS: MOVEMENT; W Key = forward; S Key = backward; D Key = strafe right; A Key = strafe left; Mouse Move = look; COMBAT; Left Mouse Button = fire primary weapon, fire left weapon; Right Mouse Button = fire right weapon; Tab Key or Right Mouse Button = throw grenade; G Key = switch grenades; F Key = melee attack; R Key = reload; E or Q Key (hold) = pick up weapon; Q Key = switch weapons; ACTIONS; Space Bar = jump; Left Shift Key = crouch; E Key = use device; X Key = use flashlight; Z Key or Middle Mouse Button = zoom; C Key = view multiplayer score; MULTIPLAYER COMMUNICATION; B Key = team text chat; F1 Key = global text chat; N Key = team voice chat; Enter Key = send message; XBOX 360 CONTROLLER FOR WINDOWS; Left Thumbstick Left or Right = strafe left or right; Left Thumbstick Up = move forward; Left Thumbstick Down = move backward; Right Thumbstick Left or Right = rotate left or right; Right Thumbstick Up or Down = aim up or down; Left Thumbstick Button = crouch; Right Thumbstick Button = zoom view; A Button = jump; B Button = melee attack; X Button = reload; Y Button = switch weapon; Right Bumper = swap grenades; Right Trigger = fire weapon; Left Bumper = flashlight, chat; Left Trigger = throw grenade, e-brake in warthog, boost in other vehicles; Start Button = pause game; Back Button = multiplayer score; DUAL WIELDING; Y Button = dual wield; Right Trigger = fire right weapon; Left Trigger = fire left weapon

  • Halo 2 : PC

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