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Buy Reservoir Dogs : PlayStation 2

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Reservoir Dogs : PlayStation 2
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ESRB Rating:
  • Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

Reservoir Dogs : PlayStation 2

Our Price: $27.99

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Platform: Playstation 2  

Other Platforms: PC Games

Description |  Screen Shots |  Special Features

Release Date: 10/24/2006
Category: Action
Number of Players: 1
UPC: 788687500555

Reservoir Dogs : PlayStation 2 Description

Expanded Description
Wiry director Quentin Tarantino's debut film about a group of colorfully named criminals and a diamond heist gone awry is the jumping point for this video game adaptation. Instead of focusing entirely on the heist's aftermath, the game lets players experience the events leading up to the warehouse rendezvous. The non-linear storyline, done in classic Tarantino style, explores each character's point of view in a number of action sequences. Players will engage in high-speed chases, daring escapes, abductions, gunfights, and more.

The game also includes a rating system based on the actions performed by a particular gangster. Characters who approach situations with a minimum of force will receive a "professional" rating, while depraved acts of violence will earn them a "psycho" rating. To re-create the 1992 film's atmosphere, the developers acquired the rights to use the complete soundtrack, including the signature song "Stuck in the Middle with You." Actor Michael Madsen also lends his voice and likeness to the memorable role of Mr. Blonde.

Screen Shots Click images to enlarge

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Special Features
Game Special Features
  • Play as each criminal from the 1992 film in various action sequences

  • Features both driving and third-person shooting stages

  • Includes all songs from the film's soundtrack, such as "Little Green Bag"

    Control Elements

    MENU: D-Pad or Left Analog Stick = select option; X Button = action, confirm settings; Triangle Button = back; WEAPONS; R1 Button = shoot; Right Analog Stick = aim; L1 Button (hold) = lock-on target; X Button = reload; L1 + R3 Button = precise target; R3 Button = zoom; R3 Button (twice) = sniper rifle; D-Pad Left or Right = change weapon; D-Pad Up = draw or holster weapon; X Button = pick up weapon; Circle Button = drop shield; Triangle Button = bullet festival; Triangle Button (with hostage only) = signature move; MOVING AROUND & COVER; Left Analog Stick Up = walk or run; Left Analog Stick Down = walk or run back; Left Analog Stick Left or Right = sidestep or strafe left or right; D-Pad Up or Down + Square Button = roll; L3 Button = crouch; Right Analog Stick = aim; Square Button (against an object) = enter cover; Square Button or Left Analog Stick Down (while in cover) = exit cover; R1 Button = blindfire; Right Analog Stick + R1 Button = aim and fire from cover; Square Button (hold at edge of cover) = move around cover; TAKING CHARGE: HOSTAGES & STANDOFFS; L1 Button = target person; L1 Button (hold) + Right Analog Stick = herd target person; L2 Button = look back; R2 Button (when against a wall or object) = neutralize; R2 Button = threaten with gun, order, disarm; Circle Button = toggle take or release hostage; X Button = beat up hostage; X + R1 Button = knock out hostage; X Button + Left Analog Stick Up (when facing a wall or low horizontal surface) = head slam; DRIVING; X Button = accelerate; Left Analog Stick Left or Right = steer; Square Button = brake, reverse; Circle Button = handbrake; R2 Button (hold) = speed boost; L3 Button = horn; Triangle Button = change view; L2 Button = look behind; Right Analog Stick = move camera; R3 Button = center camera behind car; R1 Button = shoot; L1 Button = lock-on target; D-Pad Left or Right = skip song; Start Button = pause

  • Reservoir Dogs : PlayStation 2

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